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Who was the founder of Ridgway Tea?

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A tea shop opened on King William St in London in 1836 marked the start of Ridgways Tea.  Initially the store sold tea, coffee and spices, but later focused only on tea.  The founder, Thomas Ridgway, became well-known for getting the best products from tea estates around the globe and then making superior tea.  He became so well-known that those …

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Guinness World Tea Records: Largest Cup of Tea

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Inspired by a recent tweet, we want to explore some Guinness World Record related to tea.  One world record that all tea drinkers can relate to is largest cup of tea.  The record stands at 4000 liters or 16,907 cups.   The cup was produced in Colombo, Sri Lanka by GlaxoSmithKline Beecham, the well-known pharmaceutical company. The record was held on October …