Billboard of Barrys Tea

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In addition to good commercials, Barrys Tea is one of the few tea companies to put all of their advertising on their web site. For tea fans like ourselves, it is great to be able to sell all the ads. Check out this Barrys Billboard. We may have to try and buy a bedspread like this. The product in the …

History of Barry’s Tea of Ireland

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The history of some of the famous brands of tea is fascinating. Some brands of tea we sell go back many years. Barrys Tea of Cork, Ireland is one such brand. We include the history of the brands of tea we offer at In case you missed it, here is a summary of the history of Barry’s Tea. Barry’s …

Barrys Tea Commercials

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Barrys is a great tea. It is one of the best teas sold by Barrys Classic is a particularly good cup of strong Irish tea. Barrys teas are made in Cork, Ireland. Barrys also has a series of great commercials that air in Ireland. You can see all of their commercials on the advertising page of the Barrys web …

Welcome tea drinkers.

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Welcome to the official blog. The world of tea is so much fun and is filled with lots of great stuff that we need to place to post interesting and fun information.