Underappreciated: Scottish Blend Tea

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If you visited Scotland or are of Scottish extraction, you have tried Scottish Blend tea. But, most people have not tried this tea. Scottish Blend is an excellent and underappreciated tea. Scottish Blend is made specifically for the soft waters of Scotland. Since Scottish waters makes the world best whiskey, you know it makes a great cup of tea. If …

Nambarrie Tea Lays Off Workers

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In a sign the tough times are touching the tea business, Nambarrie Tea announced it is closing their Belfast, Northern Ireland tea factory later this year.   Up to 43 could be affected in the decision to close the plant, which was made by R Twining and Company, Nambarrie’s parent company. Nambarrie is Northern Ireland’s most popular tea. Read about the …

Bewley’s Tea: Brief History

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Bewleys Tea, Dublin Ireland Bewley’s Tea is one of Ireland’s most popular brands.  Here is a brief history of Bewley’s Tea. Summary Bewley’s was established in 1840 and is one of Ireland’s leading brands. Today, Bewley’s remains a leading household name and is Ireland’s leading supplier of quality coffees and teas. Bewley’s is best known for its cafes throughout Ireland. …

Know of any teapots made in the USA?

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We are looking for teapots made in the USA.  We would like to replace the teapots we sell that are made in china with alternatives.   Ideally, we would like to offer teapots made in the USA. But we are having trouble finding these. If you know of teapots made in the USA, please leave a comment for us.  Thanks for …

Bewleys Grafton St Reopens

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If you have been to Ireland, chances are you had a cup of tea or at least saw the historic Bewleys Cafe on Grafton Street. Several years ago, this historic cafe closed. But, after looking at the Bewleys corporate web site, I learned it re-opened in late 2006. The Bewleys Cafe used to have food and sell the full range …

Whittard Instant Teas

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Instant Tea is not very popular in the US. Whittard of Chelsea has some great instant teas that make a really good iced tea. Whittard instant tea also can be consumed hot, but it is best as an iced tea. Whittard evens offer some sugar free or low-caloried options (sweetened with Splenda) Instand teas, such as Mandarin Orange & Pomegranate.