How to Make Great Green Iced Tea

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Iced tea weather is almost here. Making a great pitcher of iced tea from tea bags can be tricky. Follow this recipe for a great green iced tea. Naturally, begin with a good green tea.  Recipe courtesy of Madura tea. Here are the ingredients you will need: 4 Tea Bags of a green tea 2 cups boiled water 4 teaspoons …

Make Your Own Chocolate Tea

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Chocolate and tea. Most people love chocolate and enjoy a good cup of tea. Now, you can combine both by creating your own cup of chocolate tea. This recipe has been provided by Kusmi Russian Teas. To begin, gather the follow ingredients: 3 teaspoons of cocoa 3 cups of milk 3 cups of English Breakfast tea 6 sugar lumps First, …

Fun and Games with PG Tips

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If you are fan of PG Tips, good black tea or an Anglophile, you should make sure to regularly check out the official PG Tips site. It has some good stuff on it. Our favorites are the interactive games and activities, particularly the “Half Time Games.” Try the interactive soccer game from a previous advertising campaign. In one game, you …

BBC Tells How to Make Perfect Cup of Tea

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Courtesy of the BBC. For centuries, tea drinkers have debated how to make the perfect cup. Now, the BBC jumps into the argument. The BBC has 7 steps to make the perfect cup of tea. You may want to start with good English tea, maybe some PG Tips. 1. Boil a kettle of water. 2. Warm the pot by putting …

Meet Mr Shifter from the first PG Tips Ads

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Now that you have met monkey and Al, from the current PG Tips ad campaign, you should see the first campaign. The original ad campaign for PG Tips started in 1956 (in the UK) and used chimpanzees dressed as humans. The chimps were called the Tipps family. The original campaign holds the Guinness record for lost running campaign in the …

Very Brief History of PG Tips

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PG Tips is England’s number 1 tea. PG Tips is a good cup of english tea. The PG Tips tea sold by is the original tea and still made in Manchester, England. In 1869, tea dealer, Arthur Brooke, opened his first shop in Manchester, England, where he sold tea, coffee and sugar. Brooke’s early slogan was “good tea unites …

Brooke Bond PG Tips

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Many people who drink PG Tips refer to it as Brooke Bond PG Tips. Brooke Bond used to be the company that produced PG Tips. But, PG Tips actually has been owned and produced by Unilever UK since 1984 . Was this man Brooke Bond? See the PG Tips History post.

Barrys Tells How to Make Perfect Pot of Tea

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Everybody seems to know how to make the perfect pot of tea. From the BBC to the Chemist Society to tea companies, each has a version of the perfect pot of tea. We like to read and test every version. Barrys version has 4 steps. You can watch a brief movie on the Barrys Site called ‘The perfect Cup’. Naturally, …

Billboard of Barrys Tea

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In addition to good commercials, Barrys Tea is one of the few tea companies to put all of their advertising on their web site. For tea fans like ourselves, it is great to be able to sell all the ads. Check out this Barrys Billboard. We may have to try and buy a bedspread like this. The product in the …