Kusmi Tea Recipe for Iced Tea with Fruit

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Recipe courtesy of Kusmi Tea. Now that summer is here and it is starting to get hot, try this citrus intensive iced tea. Iced tea with Caribbean fruit For 4-6 people Preparation time : 15 minutes, the day before Ingredients * 1 ½ litres of spring water * 200 grams of brown caster sugar (about 1.5 cups) * 2 untreated …

Glengettie Tea from Wales: An Introduction

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Glengettie tea of Wales is a good solid cup of tea. It is a strong tea with good flavor. Glengettie is owned by the same company that makes Typhoo. Can you read Welsh. Here is a summary on Glengettie in English and then in Welsh. A favourite in Wales for generations The combination of distinctive flavour and quality has made …

More on Scottish Blend Tea

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Created in 1990, Scottish Blend tea is Scotland’s 2nd most popular tea. Scottish Blend was specifically created to match the soft Scottish water. Scotland is a country of tea drinkers. Over 90% of Scottish residents consume over 14 million cups of tea each day. Scottish Blend comes in a pyramid shaped tea bag, which produced a better cup of tea. …

Scottish Blend Tea Ad

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Scottish Blend is a good, classic Scottish Tea. Here is a good ad for Scottish Blend tea. Scottish Blend is made by the same company that makes PG Tips and come 80 tea bag per box. Scottish Blend is specifically made for Scotland’s soft water. Scottish Blend comes in the famous pyramid tea bags.

Honeybush Tea is Organic, Caffeine-Free and Low in Tannin

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Honeybush tea is made from herbs found in Africa. Now, you can get tea direct from Africa with Intaba Teas. Made in South Africa, Intaba Tea is mountain grown and supported by a unique microclimate that produces the highest-quality natural teas. Honeybush tea also has a small but dedicated following among tea drinkers. Intaba Honeybush tea is an organic, pure …

PG Tips Tea: Ethical Tea Pledge

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PG Tips Tea is trying to help improve conditions of workers in tea growing countries. PG Tips wants to make all tea used in PG Tips to sourced from growers that provide workers and their families with good working conditions and benefits. The text below is from Unilever (maker of PG Tips tea). You can find this complete text and …

Lyons Tea Commercial

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Irish teas are our favorite. Barry’s Tea, Bewley’s Tea and Lyons Tea are all excellent. Lyons is the market leader in Ireland. Here is a new ad for Lyons Tea (this aired in Ireland).

Understanding Tea and Caffeine

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Do you know how much caffeine is in a cup of tea? Most tea drinkers are confused. Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee, tea and cocoa beans. It is added to cola to enhance flavor. Since black and green tea come from Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, both contain caffeine. Most herbal teas are made from herbal blends and contain no …