PG Tips Tea: Ethical Tea Pledge

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PG Tips Tea is trying to help improve conditions of workers in tea growing countries. PG Tips wants to make all tea used in PG Tips to sourced from growers that provide workers and their families with good working conditions and benefits. The text below is from Unilever (maker of PG Tips tea). You can find this complete text and …

Lyons Tea Commercial

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Irish teas are our favorite. Barry’s Tea, Bewley’s Tea and Lyons Tea are all excellent. Lyons is the market leader in Ireland. Here is a new ad for Lyons Tea (this aired in Ireland).

Understanding Tea and Caffeine

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Do you know how much caffeine is in a cup of tea? Most tea drinkers are confused. Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee, tea and cocoa beans. It is added to cola to enhance flavor. Since black and green tea come from Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, both contain caffeine. Most herbal teas are made from herbal blends and contain no …

Dilmah Tea In Stock and Now Available

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Dilmah Tea are in stock and now available. If you have not tried Dilmah tea, you should. Particularly if you are a fan of good, high quality tea. Dilmah Teas are real single estate teas and very high quality. Dimah Teas also are very reasonably priced. We have a full selection of tea bags and loose teas and are stocking …

Funny Nambarrie Tea Commercial

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Anybody that ever had an appliance repair person visit your home should watch this Nambarrie commercial. This only aired in Northern Ireland but now you can see it. It is amusing. Just shows that the world over people have the same issues. Nambarrie Tea is popular in Northern Ireland and Scotland. If you like Irish teas, you should try it.

Let Your Tea Brew Longer for More Health Benefits

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How can you get the most health benefits from a cup of tea? Just the tea brew longer. Higher levels of flavonoids and antioxidants result when tea is allowed to brew longer. These are the results of new study conducted by researchers from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Flavonoids are compounds found in plants that help prevent damage to cells. …

Bewley’s Tea Selection Guide – Part 2

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Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Taste Notes: Creamy, malty flavor and full-bodied taste. Made from 100% tea from India: Assam and Darjeeling. Was the tea served in Bewleys Cafes in Ireland. Box Color: Yellow and Black Brews: Dark color. Available in: Bewleys Irish Breakfast 80 tea bag box or box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags or Bewleys Irish Breakfast 8.8 ounces …

Bewley’s Tea Selection Guide – Part 1

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If you are unsure about the type of Bewley’s tea you prefer, start with this guide. Get facts about each type of Bewley’s tea, such as tasting notes, box color, how the tea brews, and availability in tea bags or loose form. Bewley’s tea blends tea from Africa and India. About 80% of the tea used is African tea since …