Welsh Brew Tea in English and Welsh

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Can you read Welsh? Below is the text from a box of Welsh Brew tea in English and Welsh. You dont have to be Welsh to enjoy a good cup of tea from Wales. Welsh Brew is the only tea blended and packed for the principality of Wales. Murroughs Welsh Brew 40 Tea Bags foil wrapped for freshnes Welsh Brew …

PG Tips Now Easily Available to US Customers

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Previously, fans of England’s number 1 tea had to try and find their favorite brand. Now, the full selection of authentic PG Tips tea can be found at teadog.com, an Internet tea retailer. English tea drinkers can get PG Tips in 80- and 240-tea bag boxes, PG Tips Decaffeinated in 40- and 80 tea bag boxes, PG Tips Loose in …

Dilmah Tea: A Brief History

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Unlike mass-market brands that can be a mixture of tea from up to 30 different countries, Dilmah is what connoisseurs call a Single Origin tea. Dilmah Tea comes from a single source, the fabled tea gardens of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), home of the world’s finest teas. In an era of heavily promoted megabrands, bankrolled by giant corporations with huge advertising …

Simple and Memorable Tea Ad

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A simple and very memorable tea ad. A little bit emotional. Five Roses is a South African brand of tea (this accounts for the accents in the ad). At the moment, we dont sell this tea. Still, we appreciate good tea advertising.

Dilmah: Single Origin Teas

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The tea explosion has unleashed many new terms to tea drinkers, such as Single Origin teas. Single origin teas come from 1 location. Single Origin teas are pure and usually better tasting than blended teas. Dilmah Tea is entirely grown, handpicked and packaged in Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon). Dilmah offers 100% Pure Ceylon Tea that is Single Origin, …

History of Williamson Tea (formerly Williamson & Magor)

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Williamson Tea, formerly known as Williamson & Magor, is an English tea company. Williamson Tea is a special name among tea connoisseurs. As one of the world’s few private tea producing companies, Williamson Tea occupies an unique position in growing, producing, marketing, and selling fine teas. Williamson Tea has been growing and selling quality tea since 1869 when Captain J …

Barry’s Tea Ad in Irish/Gaelic

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While looking for some tea ads, we came across an ad for Barry’s Tea in Irish or Gaelic. This ad was produced by Barry’s Tea and originally aired in English. You can see the English ad at the Barry’s Tea web site. The ad was dubbed into Irish by James Pelow. You will find more Irish videos from him here. …

Tea Recipe: Irish Tea Brack

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Try this simple and easy recipe for Irish Tea Brack. Tea brack is part cake and part bread. It is great with a cup of Irish tea. Use whatever fruit you like. We used raisins. This recipe calls for Barry’s Tea. We tried it with Barry’s Classic and it was great. It would work well with Barry’s Gold as well. …

Chemists Tell How to Make Perfect Cup of Tea

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Taking a scientific approach, Britain’s Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) tells how to make the perfect cup of tea. But, the RSC’s approach may be controversial to many tea drinkers. To start, the ingredients required are loose-leaf Assam tea, water, fresh chilled milk and white sugar. Then, gather a kettle, ceramic teapot, large ceramic mug, fine mesh tea strainer, tea …