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How Did PG Tips Drinkers Vote in Brexit Referendum?

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A recent UK survey revealed that PG Tips Tea drinkers voted to leave the EU in the recent referendum. The survey was done by the advertising trade magazine Campaign using data from a market research firm and checking it against preferences of 100,000 consumers. The top 10 brands of people voting to leave are HP Sauce, Bisto, ITV news, The …

Barrys is Launching New Loose Tea

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Recently, we read an article in a popular blog about life in Dublin, Ireland.  The article was about a wine and dinner event held in Dublin and co-sponsored by Barrys Tea.  A brief sentence revealed that Barrys unveiled their new loose tea, but there no details other than that. Even on Barrys official web site or Facebook page, there was …

Taylors, Twinings, Fortnum & Mason Stop Getting Tea from India Supplier

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A recent documentary by the BBC exposing working conditions on some tea estates in India has netted its first casualty. British tea companies Twinings, Taylors of Harrogate and Fortnum & Mason has stopped doing business with The Assam Company, which owns a group of tea estates in northeast India.  Additionally, The Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit dedicated to conservation, has stopped …