Typhoo Sues Rival Tea Company

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According to Typhoo, a rival tea company told lies about its tea so Typhoo is planning a lawsuit.  Typhoo has claimed that the firm, Keith Spicer, badmouthed its tea to retailers. Keith Spicer makes private label tea for retailers as well as such brands as Dorset Tea.  In its lawsuit, Typhoo claims trademark infringement and malicious falsehood.  Typhoo’s claims stems  …

Tea Business: Typhoo Tea Has Good Year

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All the marketing and other effects Typhoo Tea has made recently are working. Typhoo recently announced a  $1.6 Million  (or £988,000) profit in its recent fiscal year.  This profit compares with a $1.1 million loss the company had in the previous year.  Sales of Typhoo also rose to almost $120 (£70.66) million this year versus $115 (£67.72) million last fiscal …

Nigella Lawson is a Fan of Typhoo Tea

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Apparently, Nigella Lawson is a fan of Typhoo Tea as evidenced by this picture she posted on Typhoo. @Saints1890 @JonWilkin2012 @pwello80 Have y’00’ seen who else loves Typhoo “@Nigella_Lawson Vital unpacking in LA: pic.twitter.com/CYZB1kMVTz” — Team Oo (@Typhoo_Tea) October 19, 2013

A Newer Typhoo Logo

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Here is a more recent Typhoo Tea logo. Earlier in the week, we showed the first logo the company users.  This is another image in a series we are featuring this week from an antique book we found on Typhoo.

Image of 1920s Typhoo Tea Workers

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Here is an image of Typhoo Tea workers in the company canteen around 1920.  All this week, we are highlighting images from an antique book on Typhoo.  From this image, we were struck by the fact that all these workers are women and just  how many workers are in the picture.