Famous People in Tea History: Who is this?

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Do you know this influential person in tea history?   He was born in 1856 in Birmingham, England into a grocery business family. In 1903, he created one of the world’s most popular tea brands.   If you are stumped, read below the image or click on the picture to see what he is associated with? John Sumner founded Typhoo Tea.

Tribute To Typhoo Decaf Tea

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For us, many decaffeinated teas are weak and lack flavor.  But not Typhoo Decaffeinated Tea.   We think Typhoo Decaf Tea might be one of the best decaffeinated teas on the market.  Here is our kicked-up version of a box of Typhoo Decaf Tea.

New Typhoo Tea Ad Goes Retro

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Typhoo Tea is one of England’s best-known teas.  They have a history of creative advertising.  A new ad for Typhoo is being run in the UK.   You can see this ad by clicking below (We cant include the ad here otherwise we would). Typhoo Tea Commercial

Typhoo Decaf Tea: A Great Tasting Decaf

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Many decaf teas are weak and bland tasting. If you want an excellent decaffeinated tea, try Typhoo Decaf. The tea is full of flavor with great taste, unlike a lot of decaf teas. Typhoo is the UK’s #1 decaffeinated tea. Typhoo’s team of expert tea buyers and tea blenders carefully select only the finest tea leaves in order to bring …