Twinings Updates Package Design

Twinings Tea, one of the best know tea brands in the world, has recently updated its packaging.  In the redesign, Twinings was trying to put some excitement back in tea.  The company was trying to get tea drinkers to appreciate the quality in Twinings teas. The UK firm Brandopus handled the redesign. The new designs are rolling out now across …

Twinings Tells You All About the Tea Bag

Sometime, the humble tea bag gets no respect.  But in this video, Twinings Tea tells you all about the tea bag.  Although it is made for a British audience, the video gives some good information.

Dislike Decaf Tea? Try Twinings Everyday Decaf

One of the most frequent complaints we hear involves decaf tea.  If this describes you, then consider Twinings Everyday Decaf Tea.  This is a real tea. After tasting this tea, you may forget it is decaffeinated.  If you need to drink caffeine-free tea for health or any other reason, this tea is worth a try.

More for Mondays By Twinings

Mondays can be difficult, but more tea helps. We really enjoyed this image from Twinings Tea. Post by Twinings Tea UK.

Whats the Significance of 1706 in Twinings 1706 Tea?

Twinings 1706 Tea may be unfamiliar to many in the US, but those that have tried it really, really enjoy it.    It is a strong tea, traditionally consumed at breakfast.  It is a blend of African, Indian and Sri Lankan Tea leaves.  But, what is the significance of 1706?  Actually, it is the year that company founder, Thomas Twining, …