Commercial for Tetley Extra Strong

Now available in the US, Tetley Extra Strong Tea is a rich and robust English Tea.  Here is a brief commercial from the Tetley Tea Folk about it.

Tea Holiday Videos: Tetley

More of our favorite holiday videos from tea companies.  This one is from Tetley Tea. It is a Christmas message from those who grow Tetley.

Bio of Gaffer: Leader of the Tetley Tea Folk

In case you don’t know much about the Tetley Tea Folk, you can find our more at their very own website.  But the leader of the group is Gaffer. Much like ourselves, Gaffer prefers black tea, (like Tetley Tea) but he enjoys all types. He can’t remember how long he has been working for Tetley. Being part of the Tetley …

Tetley Tea Folk About to Bust Out

Fans of Tetley Tea will be happy to know  that the Tetley Tea Folk are about to be seen on a variety of products (mostly in the UK). If you live in the US ( as we do), you may be unfamiliar with the Tetley Tea Folk.  These are the characters that promote Tetley. They began in 1973, stopped in …

Tetley Tea Folk Comeback Commercial Part 1

Recently, Tetley Tea starting using the Tea Folk in commercials (why they ever stopped using them is a mystery).  This tv (part1 of 2) commercial reintroduces the Tea Folk.