Lyons Commercial About Rainforest Alliance

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Your cup of tea can make a difference. A good commercial from Lyons Tea. Big applause to Lyons for teaming with the Rainforest Alliance and focusing on sustainability and workers who pick and grow the tea. Another reason why purchasing a brand of tea ensures the tea you drink helps to make the world a better place.

Best Tea Ads of 2008

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Here are our 2 favorite tea television commercials of the year. If you think one of these is best, leave a comment. We sell Lyons Tea but not Red Rose Tea (we just thought the Red Rose commercial was excellent.) Both are simple and to the point. (Note: Since there are not a lot of tea television commercials, these did …

PG Tips Monkey Christmas Video

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This video is a must watch. It is a Christmas greeting from theĀ  PG Tips Monkey. To watch the video, go to the Guardian web site (UK Newspaper). As we have said before, the PG Tips Monkey is one of our favorite advertising characters. We can’t find the video on YouTube otherwise we would post it here.

Barry’s Tea: Television Commercial

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As we said previously, Barry’s Tea is a great cup of Irish tea. Barry’s Tea is also one of the few tea companies do to televsion ads (as well as radio, print and billboard ads). Below is a sample of a tv commerical. This aired in Ireland. You can see more television commercials by visiting the official Barry’s Tea website. …

Story of Dilmah Tea

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A great video giving a summary of Dilmah Tea. Although this video aired in countries beside the US, it will give a great summary of Dilmah. If you have not tried Dilmah Tea, you should, it is very high quality and reasonably priced.

Barry’s Tea: Video Transcript

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Here is the transcript for the Barrys video. This video is one in a series on selecting the best Irish tea for you. Now, we focus on Barry’s Tea. The Irish know tea. In Ireland, more tea is consumed per capita than any other country. So, if you are looking for a good cup of tea, start with Irish tea. …