Tea and Fruit Lower Risk of Lung Cancer

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More good new about the health benefits of black tea.  People that drink black tea and eat fruit have a lower chance of developing lung cancer. These results were from a study reviewed at CHEST 2011, the 77th annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). In this study, scientists from the Czech Republic found that drinking black …

Health Benefits of English Tea

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Even though brands of tea from England are among the world’s most popular, they are most often overlooked when it comes to their health benefits. Although green varieties get most of the hype, English Teas, which are usually black, do offer many health benefits. Many English brands are popular, but a few are the most familiar, and popular worldwide: PG …

Tea Can Help With Weight Gain

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New research shows that tea consumption could help those having treatment for obesity. A study from Kobe University in Japan may help those struggling with weight issues. The study showed that tea can reduce weight gains and limit the negative consequences of high fat foods. The study examined a group of mice. One group was given a normal diet and …

Tea Protects Against Heart Disease

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A new study shows that tea can help protect against heart disease. Results from a Dutch study of 40,00o people over 13 years indicates that having several cups of tea a day can protect against heart disease. The risk of heart disease was cut by 1/3 for tea drinkers who had 6 or more cups of tea per day.

Rooibos Tea Increases Antioxidants

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According to a new study in the Journal of Food Chemistry, Rooibos Tea increases antioxidants. In other studies, black and green tea have been shown to increase antioxidants and now the same has been shown to be true of Rooibos Tea. The study showed that Rooibos increases antioxidants in the blood.

Green Tea can Offer Your Eyes Protection

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More good news about the health benefits of green tea. Now, green tea may help your eyes. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports on a new study that shows green tea may help in the fight against glaucoma. In the study, catechins helps reduce the stress placed upon your eyes. Green tea contains catechins, which are antioxidants that …

Green Tea May Help Elderly Cheer Up

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Green tea may help the elderly feel better mentally, reports the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in a December 2009 article. The Journal reported on a study from Tohoku University Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering in Sendai, Japan.  The study found that elderly men and women consuming 4 or more cups of green tea had 44% less chance of having …