Another Great Commercial from PG Tips Tea

If you have read other posts, you know we think monkey is great. Monkey and Al are in the commercials for PG Tips tea.  In this ad, monkey and Al tell why PG Tips uses those pyramid tea bags. So, have a cup of PG Tips, watch and learn.

Watch Punjana Tea Videos

We love to watch tea commercials. We noticed the best tea ads come from brands in Ireland. We found a series of tea commercials from Punjana Tea. Although unfamiliar to many in the US, Punjana has been making tea in Ireland since 1886. Just click on the image below and you will be taken to the official Punjana Tea site …

New PG Tips Ad With Monkey and Al

Watch the latest PG Tips ad. As we have said many times, Monkey and Al are our favorite brand spokespeople. The PG Tips ads involving Monkey and Al are great. This is no exception.

New Barry’s Tea Commercial

Below is a new ad from Barry’s Tea that just aired on Feb 16, 2009 (it only aired on tv in Ireland).  You can watch more Barry’s Tea videos at the official Barry’s Tea company YouTube Channel.  As we said many time, Barry’s Tea is among our favorite teas, with Barry’s Classic being our particular favorite.

Lyons Commercial About Rainforest Alliance

Your cup of tea can make a difference. A good commercial from Lyons Tea. Big applause to Lyons for teaming with the Rainforest Alliance and focusing on sustainability and workers who pick and grow the tea. Another reason why purchasing a brand of tea ensures the tea you drink helps to make the world a better place.

One of the Best Tea Ads Ever

Simple and effective. This is one of our favorite tea commercials ever. The voice of the narrator is powerful and the images reinforce what we want in a cup of tea.  A great ad.

Radio Ad for Barry’s Tea

Here is a good radio ad from Barry’s Tea. Barry’s Tea is a great cup of tea. In our opinion, Barry’s Tea is one of best Irish Teas available. Barry’s also has some good ads. Barry’s is one of the few tea companies to have televison, radio, magazine and billboard advertising. This ad aired in Ireland. Barry’s Tea Color Ad …

PG Tips Ad for Rainforest Alliance

When we making buying decisions, we can all do our part to help the planet. Below is an ad talking about PG Tips deal with the Rainforest Alliance. [youtube=] PG Tips Tea is trying to help improve conditions of workers in tea growing countries. PG Tips wants to make all tea used are sourced from growers that provide workers and …

Ad for Barry’s Tea

As we have said before, Barry’s Tea is a great cup of Irish Tea. Barry’s also has some good ads. Barry’s is one of the few tea companies to have televison, radio, magazine and billboard advertising. This ad appeared in Ireland.

Barry’s Tea: Television Commercial

As we said previously, Barry’s Tea is a great cup of Irish tea. Barry’s Tea is also one of the few tea companies do to televsion ads (as well as radio, print and billboard ads). Below is a sample of a tv commerical. This aired in Ireland. You can see more television commercials by visiting the official Barry’s Tea website. …