Barry’s Tea: Funny Radio Ad

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Here is a funny radio ad from Barry’s Tea. Barry’s Tea is a really good cup of tea. In our opinion, Barry’s Classic is one of best black teas available. Barry’s also has some good ads. Barry’s is one of the few tea companies to have televison, radio, magazine and billboard advertising. This ad aired in Ireland. It is an …

Classic PG Tips Commercial

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PG Tips Tea has great advertisements. From Mr. Shifter to Wallace and Gromit to Monkey and Al, PG Tips ads are really great. PG Tips is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest running campaign in TV history. The campaign aired in the UK and featured chimps dressed as humans. This ad, Tour de France, is …

Simple and Memorable Tea Ad

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A simple and very memorable tea ad. A little bit emotional. Five Roses is a South African brand of tea (this accounts for the accents in the ad). At the moment, we dont sell this tea. Still, we appreciate good tea advertising.

Barry’s Tea Ad in Irish/Gaelic

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While looking for some tea ads, we came across an ad for Barry’s Tea in Irish or Gaelic. This ad was produced by Barry’s Tea and originally aired in English. You can see the English ad at the Barry’s Tea web site. The ad was dubbed into Irish by James Pelow. You will find more Irish videos from him here. …

Scottish Blend Tea Ad

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Scottish Blend is a good, classic Scottish Tea. Here is a good ad for Scottish Blend tea. Scottish Blend is made by the same company that makes PG Tips and come 80 tea bag per box. Scottish Blend is specifically made for Scotland’s soft water. Scottish Blend comes in the famous pyramid tea bags.

Lyons Tea Commercial

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Irish teas are our favorite. Barry’s Tea, Bewley’s Tea and Lyons Tea are all excellent. Lyons is the market leader in Ireland. Here is a new ad for Lyons Tea (this aired in Ireland).

Funny Nambarrie Tea Commercial

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Anybody that ever had an appliance repair person visit your home should watch this Nambarrie commercial. This only aired in Northern Ireland but now you can see it. It is amusing. Just shows that the world over people have the same issues. Nambarrie Tea is popular in Northern Ireland and Scotland. If you like Irish teas, you should try it.