Taylors of Harrogate Christmas Message

All this week, we have highlighted Christmas messages from various tea companies. Today, it is from Taylors of Harrogate, who also make Yorkshire Tea.

Amateur Yorkshire Tea Commercial

As you know, we always enjoy tea commercials. We also particularly enjoy when non-professionals do their own version of a tea commercial.  Here is one on Yorkshire Tea. Yorkshire Tea Advert | College Project from Dan Osborne on Vimeo. Video courtesy of Dan Osborne. You can see more of Dan Osborne’s work on Vimeo.

Tea Company Workers Share in the Riches

Workers at Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate were awarded a share of company profits.  The company owns Yorkshire Tea and 6 tea room across Yorkshire in England.

Yorkshire Loose Tea in 2.2 Lb/1 Kg Bag in Back

After much delay, we are happy to be again offer Yorkshire Gold Loose Tea in 2.2 lbs and Yorkshire Red Loose Tea in 2.2 lb size.  These sizes are for serious Yorkshire Tea drinkers.

Taylors Tea Rooms Named Best Places in UK for Afternoon Tea

Bettys Tea Rooms, part of Bettys and Taylors, the parent company that owns Taylors of Harrogate Tea, is the best place in the UK to have afternoon tea.  Here is a sample of the menu from Bettys Tea Rooms. Awarded by the UK’s Tea Guild, Bettys Tea Room was named of “Top Tea Place 2012” when it obtained an almost …

Taylors Introduces Yorkshire Green Tea

You’ve had Yorkshire Tea and Yorkshire Gold Tea. For a healthy change, you drink green tea.  Now, you can combine both with the new Yorkshire Green Tea with Jasmine. This new Yorkshire Tea is produced by Taylors of Harrogate, makers of the original Yorkshire Gold Tea,  Taylors new Yorkshire Green Tea is an elegant green tea, delicately scented with Jasmine.  …

Taylors Introduces Yorkshire Earl Grey

If you drink Yorkshire Tea or Yorkshire Gold, then you will sure want to try the new Yorkshire Earl Grey. Produced by the same company that makes the original Yorkshire Tea and Yorkshire Gold Tea, Yorkshire Earl Grey.  is all new.   Taylors new Yorkshire Earl Grey Tea is made with the highest-quality black tea and then use natural bergamot for …