Try A French Earl Grey for Something Different

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Earl Grey Tea, though distinctly English in origin, is now made by tea companies in every country.  A good variety is St. Dalfour Earl Grey from France, which is  only $3.99 for a box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags. Remember that a quality earl grey tea stars with a good black tea. St Dalfour black teas are of the …

Unique Green Teas: Strawberry Rose

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Looking for something different from your dull and tastes-like-grass green tea?  How about a green tea a subtle taste of strawberry and rose petals? St Dalfour makes such a green tea.  Plus, its 100% certified organic.   St Dalfour Teas are made in the French tradition by the tea experts of  St Dalfour, France.

Try Unique Flavors of 100% Certified Organic Tea from France

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How about a Cinnamon Apple Green Tea or maybe a Golden Mango Green Tea?   Would you be open to such flavors? Well. you should be. St Dalfour Tea, certified 100% pure organic from France, offers some green tea is very unique flavors. In addition to Cinnamon Apple or Golden Mango you can try Ginger & Honey, Mandarin Orange, Spring Mint …

Try St Dalfour Teas of France

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How about a certified 100% pure, organic black tea in such flavors as Black Cherry, Golden Peach, Mandarin Orange or more? Maybe a certified 100% pure organic green tea in Cinnamon Apple, Strawberry Rose or more? Now, St. Dalfour Organic Teas from France just became available. All St Dalfour Teas come in boxes of 25 individually wrapped tea bags, which means you can …