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5 Interesting Scottish Teas to Have on St Andrew Day

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Today, November 30th, is St Andrew’s Day.  Known primarily as the patron Saint of Scotland (but he also is the patron saint of Greece, Romania Cyprus, Russia and more), the days is an official holiday in Scotland. Even if you are not in Scotland, here are 5 unique Scottish Teas you should try. Whisky Tea from Edinburgh Tea Naturally, a …

An Old Time Melrose Tea Sign

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Although less familiar today, Melrose Tea is a classic brand of Scottish Tea.  This is an old time sign that advertises Melrose Tea. Thanks to Mikey for the image. You can see more of his work on Flickr.

Thistle Tea? Just Try It.

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We had a non-tea drinker try Thistle Tea.  First, they said, “Thistle Tea?” And we said, “Yes, Thistle Tea.”  And they really enjoyed it saying it was different than anything they typically drink. This version of Thistle Tea is a Scottish Tea made by Edinburgh Tea.   Believe it or not, Thistle Tea has a fruity taste. It is a black …

Try Whisky in the Morning (Whisky Tea That is)

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Have you had your cup of whisky this morning? Well, now you can. Whisky Tea from Edinbugh Tea Company is a unique and quite good flavored black tea.    Marinated into large leaf black China tea, the flavor imparts the smooth, pure taste and smells of a fine Scottish malt. The whisky flavor doesn’t have any peatiness to it. Instead, the …

Edinburgh Tea of Scotland Now Available

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Scottish Teas are among our favorites.   The usually black teas taste great and are high quality.  We are constantly in search of great new Scottish Teas.  Well, we have found some great new items from Edinburgh Tea, located in the heart of Scotland’s capital city.  Edinburgh Teas offers 4 main teas: Highland Blend, Heather Tea, Thistle Tea and Whisky Tea. …

Brodies Scottish Breakfast Tea in the Drum

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Why drink that flat Scottish Breakfast Tea?  Try a Scottish Breakfast tea from a company in Scotland.  Brodies Scottish Breakfast Tea is made and produced in Scotland. The tea is a rich and flavorful blend of Assam and Kenyan teas. Still a family business, Brodies Tea has been importing and blending  since 1867.  Brodies started in Leith, Scotland, where tea …