Understanding Scottish Tea

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With images like Braveheart, Loch Ness, bagpipes and kilts, Scotland occupies a mythic place in the minds of many. But few realize the importance Scotland played in making tea so popular. Scotland’s relationship with tea started in the early 1600s, when it was formally introduced to the country. Later, many Scots went to India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) to …

More on Scottish Blend Tea

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Created in 1990, Scottish Blend tea is Scotland’s 2nd most popular tea. Scottish Blend was specifically created to match the soft Scottish water. Scotland is a country of tea drinkers. Over 90% of Scottish residents consume over 14 million cups of tea each day. Scottish Blend comes in a pyramid shaped tea bag, which produced a better cup of tea. …

Scottish Blend Tea Ad

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Scottish Blend is a good, classic Scottish Tea. Here is a good ad for Scottish Blend tea. Scottish Blend is made by the same company that makes PG Tips and come 80 tea bag per box. Scottish Blend is specifically made for Scotland’s soft water. Scottish Blend comes in the famous pyramid tea bags.

Underappreciated: Scottish Blend Tea

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If you visited Scotland or are of Scottish extraction, you have tried Scottish Blend tea. But, most people have not tried this tea. Scottish Blend is an excellent and underappreciated tea. Scottish Blend is made specifically for the soft waters of Scotland. Since Scottish waters makes the world best whiskey, you know it makes a great cup of tea. If …