BBC Video on Punjana Tea

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The BBC recently had a great video report on Punjana Tea. We are not able to show it here, but it is really worth watching. The report tells about Punjana and tells about tea in tea bags vs loose tea. You can watch the report here. Watch the video and then learn more about Punjana Tea.

Punjana Tea Wins 2 Gold Awards

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Punjana Tea recently won 2 Gold Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods.  Punjana, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been brewing tea since 1896. Tea drinkers in the US can try 3 varieties of Punjana Tea: Irish Breakfast, Decaf and Fair Trade. Watch a video on Punjana Tea from the BBC.

Watch Punjana Tea Videos

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We love to watch tea commercials.  We noticed the best tea ads come from brands in Ireland.  We found a series of tea commercials from Pujana Tea.  Although unfamiliar to many in the US, Punjana has been making tea in Ireland since 1886.   Just click on the image below and you will be taken to the official Punjana Tea site …

For a full flavored caffeine-free tea try Punjana Decaf

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Unlike many caffeine-free teas, Punjana Tea offers a decaf that is full of flavor. Many decaf teas taste weak and lack flavor, but Punjana Decaf is still a good, strong Irish Tea. A century ago, Punjana Limited, the tea importer and blender, was beginning its life near the docklands in Belfast. Originally founded by McArthur and Willis, the Thompson family …

Irish Breakfast Tea from Punjana

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Irish Teas are very popular.   One brand of Irish Breakfast Tea worth trying is from Punjana.   We realize Punjana Tea may be unfamiliar to many in the US, but they have been making tea in Ireland since 1896.  Surpise your friends this St. Patrick’s day and serve Punjana, they will be impressed.

Learn About Punjana Tea

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Learn more about Punjana Tea of Ireland with this video.  Punjana Tea has been producing tea in Belfast, Northern Ireland since 1896.  Video courtesy of, which delivers the latest global food and drink industry news, analysis, comment and opinion from the leading international publisher, Zenith International Publishing.