Titanic Tea Sinks the Competition – Wins Award

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Titanic Tea continue to cruise over inferior tea.  Titanic Tea, produced by Punjana Tea won 3 Gold Stars from the Guild of Fine Foods.  Congratulations to the team at Punjana, which in our opinion, consistenly produce some of the finest teas on the market today.  

More on Titanic Tea

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Since Titanic Tea is such an excellent tea and it just became available in the US, we had to say more about it. Punjana created Titanic Tea to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the ship.  Did you know that the Titanic was made in Belfast, Punjana’s home.   Many of the workers that built the Titanic probably drank Punjana Tea. …

Titanic Tea Has Finally Docked in the USA

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Part 2 of “It’s Finally Here.”  Punjana Titanic Tea has finally reached US shores.  Titanic Tea is another excellent tea created by Punjana and available exclusively at teadog.com Please Note: The Punjana name has always been part of Thompson’s Family Teas. On this tea, the name Thompson’s Family Teas is a large part of the packaging. It is still produced …

Its Finally Here: Punjana Scottish Blend Tea

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Ever since Punjana Tea launched its Scottish Blend in early 2011, we have been waiting for it to become available in the United States.  Well, wait no more.  Punjana Scottish Blend is now available at teadog.com.  Punjana Scottish Blend is a fantastic cup of tea. It is rich and full-bodied, everything you expect in a Scottish Tea.  For this new …

Punjana Tea Packaging in Changing

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An excellent cup of Irish Tea is changing.  Well, not the tea, thank goodness.  The packaging for Punjana Tea is being updated.  This brief video illustrates the change.  We have the new packaging for Punjana Decaffeinated now and the new Punjana Irish Breakfast packaging soon.  On the new packaging, the Thompson’s Family Teas name is much bigger and Punjana is …

Punjana Tea 8 Steps to the Perfect Tea

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From tea farm to your cup.  How can you produce the best cup of Irish Tea?  Following these 8 steps, Punjana Tea produces the best tea possible. 1.  Tea leaves are picked from the top of the bush ( which is a Camelia Sinensis shrub ) snapping the stem just below two leaves and a bud. 2. Baskets full of …