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See Monkey as a Superhero

Want to wake up feeling on top of the world? Don’t forget to grab some Earl Grey on your way home. #MorningMoods — PG tips (@PGtips) November 23, 2016

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PG Tips Extra Strong Reaches USA

Recently, PG Tips has released a range of new teas.  The company has a new line of premium teas, green teas and herbal tea. One of the newest is PG Tips Extra Strong Tea.  Previously, the tea has only been available in the UK.  It has just became available in the US at   PG Tips Extra Strong Tea …

PG Tips Monkey Gets Ready for Star Wars

The PG Tips Monkey, who makes the best tea commercial, is getting ready for Star Wars. Just trying on my Storm Trooper costume for the #theforceawakens tonight! Too much? #keepittea #starwars A photo posted by PG tips (@pgtips) on Dec 17, 2015 at 2:40am PST

Monkey’s Queen Speech Updated in 2015

Monkey’s take on  the Queen’s annual end of year message has been updated in 2015.  Monkey’s previous version of the Queen speech is our favorite holiday message ever.

About Arthur Brooke or A Short History of PG Tips

While PG Tips is launching a new campaign, it is worth a minute to take a look back at Arthur Brooke and the founding of PG Tips. PG Tips is England’s number 1 tea. PG Tips is a good cup of english tea. The PG Tips tea sold by is the original tea and still made in Manchester, England. …

PG Tips Launches New Ad Campaign

PG Tips is launching a new advertising campaign entitled “Keep It Tea.”  In a twist on the types of campaigns they company has done before, PG Tips is releasing 3 10 second television commercials.  One of the 3 is below.