Lyons Master Tea Taster Tells How to Make the Perfect Cup

Lyons Master Tea Taster Nick Bunston offers these tips on making the perfect cup of tea. When trying these tips, it is best to use Lyons Gold Tea. Run your fresh water tap for about 15 seconds before you fill a kettle. Ensure the kettle is empty Fill kettle with freshly drawn tap water which will be full of oxygen …

Video on Tasting Lyons Tea

An interesting video on Lyons Tea. Hear from Lyons Master Tea Taster Nick Bunston. He tells how to make the perfect cup of tea. Hats off to tea tasters –

Drought and High Demand Causes Tea Prices to Rise

More information on this subject can be found in an article in the Telegraph (UK) Newspaper. Due in part to increasing demand and a poor harvest, the price of many teas is set to rise. Drought has effected the important tea growing countries of India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Demand for tea also has increased internationally. These two factors have …

Visit a Lyons Tea Farm (from your desk)

Lyons Tea is doing great work to make sure their tea is produced in an environmentally-friendly way and that workers picking the tea are treated fairly. You can visit a Lyons tea estate in Africa right from your desk. Lyons has established a great website on the company’s tea estate which is full of audio and video. On the site, …

Lyons Commercial About Rainforest Alliance

Your cup of tea can make a difference. A good commercial from Lyons Tea. Big applause to Lyons for teaming with the Rainforest Alliance and focusing on sustainability and workers who pick and grow the tea. Another reason why purchasing a brand of tea ensures the tea you drink helps to make the world a better place.

Lyons Tea: A Brief History

Lyons Tea is Ireland’s Number 1 Tea Lyons Tea, Dublin Ireland Summary Lyons is one of Ireland’s biggest and best-loved brands. Lyons currently is the #1 tea brand in Ireland. From the jingle every Irish person knows; “Extra quality, Extra flavor, Lyons the Quality Tea,” to Lyons recent innovation of introducing the country’s first pyramid-shaped tea-bag, Lyons is a quintessentially …

Lyons Tea Commercial

Irish teas are our favorite. Barry’s Tea, Bewley’s Tea and Lyons Tea are all excellent. Lyons is the market leader in Ireland. Here is a new ad for Lyons Tea (this aired in Ireland).