Lyons Tea: The Lost Commercial

Here is a version of a Lyons Tea commercial which was never used.  You undoubtedly have seen the finished product which looked quite different. Actually, this is commercial we did as a tribute to Lyons Tea.

Interesting Stats About Irish Tea Drinkers

Lyons Tea recently conducted a survey which yielded some interesting stats about Irish Tea drinkers, such as: 80% of tea drinkers in Ireland make tea every day 80% think of tea as a comfort item 82% drink tea while trying to unwind 75% drink tea to give them some pep 3 cup of tea is the average while at work …

Real Lyons Tea Commercial

In our last post, we showed the lost Lyons Tea commercial we discovered.  Here is the commercial that aired on television in Ireland.

Watch the Lost Lyons Tea Commercial

Lyons Tea is Ireland’s #1 tea.  Recently, we discovered the lost Lyons commercial, which you can watch below or the YouTube channel:

Lyons Tea Images for Your Tablet, PC or Other Device

Lyons Tea offers some great images you can use as wallpaper for your computer or other device.  You can find images such as the one below and more on the Lyons Tea Rainforce Alliance website, just select downloads.    

Lyons Tea Sponsors Irish Radio Show

Lyons Tea is now the sponsor of Liveline, a show on Ireland’s Radio 1.    Liveline is the second most popular radio show in Ireland and runs daily. The show’s host is Joe Duffy. If you are not in Ireland, you can listen to the show online or in a podcast.