Send Your Friends An Irn Bru Animated Christmas E-Card

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Now, you can send your friends an animated Christmas e-card.  The card is the famous Irn Bru snowman.  It is really simple to do. Your friend will get an email with a link to the card.  The card will be sent to your friend almost immediately.  But, one word of caution.  We sent the card to a test email address …

IRN-BRU Helps Grandmom Turn 100

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What is the secret to reaching age 100?  It is 1 glass of IRN-BRU every day.  For as long as she can remember, Scottish grandmother Jane Graham has had 1 glass of IRN BRU daily. On her birthday, she celebrated with some gin in her IRN-BRU. As a present, Barrs, the makers of IRN-BRU, gave her a crate of the …

Tony Bourdain Likes IRN BRU

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Tony Bourdain, chef, author and host of the show No Reservations is a fan of IRN BRU.  Tony says, “I’ve got an unholy affection for deep-fried haggis with curry sauce and a bottle of IRN-BRU. Bad people have introduced me to these things.” You can read more about Tony’s affection for all things Scottish at the Daily Record (UK).

So, What Exactly is IRN-BRU?

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Recently, we started selling IRN-BRU.    It is not a tea, but we have had many requests for it.   Even though fans know all about it, many others are unfamilar with IRN-BRU (pronounced Iron Brew). It only needs 1 word. Any visitor to Scotland will be familiar with this one-of-a-kind bright orange carbonated drink. Unique to Scotland, IRN-BRU has a …

English Consume Almost As Much IRN-BRU As Scottish

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IRN-BRU is Scotland’s other national drink. But now, IRN-BRU consumption in England has almost caught up to Scotland. IRN-BRU sales in England rose 20% in 1 year. IRN-BRU sales in Scotland rose 5%.   According to the company, part of the increase in sales in England is due to sponsorship of the English Rugby League. IRN-BRU sells about 2 millions drinks …