Make Your Own Earl Grey Vermouth

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If you are an Earl Grey Tea drinker and a fan of cocktails, now you have both things in a single cup.  Courtesy of the Esquire Magazine Eat Like a Man blog, here is how to make your own Earl Grey Vermouth.  (We havent tried this yet, but trust if you make it, you will enjoy it).  An  important item, …

Make Your Own Earl Grey Marshmallows

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The recipe for Earl Grey Marshallows by Kaysie Lackey is one of the  best tea recipes we have seen in a long time.  It would be great to make with the kids or for a unique treat.  The recipe appeared on Cake Fu and is from Kaysie Lackey, owner of The People’s Cake in Seattle, Washington.  She has competed in …

How to Make Earl Grey Gin

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You may have read our post about “How to Make Rooibos Gin” and now are thinking about making other flavors of gin using tea.   What about making a gin using the world most popular flavored tea?  Courtesy of The Dusty Rebel here are steps to make earl grey gin. First, the quality of your earl grey tea will affect the …

How About Blackcurrant Juice in Your Tea?

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Blackcurrant truly is a great flavor.   Wouldn’t it be great if you could add real blackcurrant juice and blackcurrant leaves to produce a one-of-a-kind blackcurrant tea.   London Fruit & Herb Blackcurrant Bracer is just such a tea.   In addition to its great taste, the tea is naturally caffeine-free.   London Fruit & Herb has pioneered a unique process of blending fruit …

One of the Last Authentic Blackcurrant Teas Available

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Blackcurrant tea really is excellent.   Blackcurrants are berries that actually grow in small shrubs. In the US, blackcurrants used to be extremely popular.  But in the 20th century, growing was banned because they were considered a threat to the logging industry.  They have never regained their popularity here. Still, in some parts of the world it remains popular.  Dilmah Blackcurrant …

Arnold Schwarzenegger Enjoys Earl Grey Tea

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Former movie actor and California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his fondness for earl grey tea in a recent trip to India.  Schwarzenegger enjoyed a Cuban cigar and earl grey tea at luxury hotel in Delhi. He was in India for the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit.