What Tea Does the Queen of England Prefer?

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For many people, tea is quintessentially British.   Another item that is properly British is Queen Elizabeth.  If we combine these 2 items, what is the Queen’s prefered variety of tea.  Queen Elizabeth actually prefers Earl Grey Tea. At least that is according to a report from ITV.

Akbar Blackcurrant Tea: Any Way You Like It

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Recently, teadog.com started offering Akbar Tea of Sri Lanka.   Although it may be unfamiliar to many in the US, Akbar Tea is a large tea company.  Akbar makes good teas at very reasonable prices.  Recently, we tried their Blackcurrant Tea. For us, Blackcurrant Tea is one of the best flavored teas, but maybe most unappreciated.  Akbar makes two different Blackcurrant …

Now You Can Taste an English Rose

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Although there can be a lack of interesting and unique flavored black teas, Whittard English Rose Tea is not one of those.    This is not an herbal tea, but a flavored black tea with character.  As the name suggests, it is black tea flavored with English roses.  This tea aids digestion and helps with relaxation so Whittard recommends having …

It is Back: Whittard Earl Grey Tea

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Perhaps no tea company does Earl Grey Tea as well as Whittard Tea.  Whittard Earl Grey Tea is back in the US in tea bags or loose.  Whittard makes several different varieties of Earl Grey, but this is their signature blend.  Unlike many other Earl Grey Teas, this one is not heavy or strong.  Light and traditional are the words …

What Kind of Iced Tea does the President Drink?

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Regardless of your political persuasion, we always find it interesting to discover what types of tea prominent political figures like.  A recent outing in Kansas City revealed the type of iced tea President Obama favors.  He ordered Earl Grey Iced Tea.  He also purchased some Chai Tea during the same outing.

Recipe for Earl Grey Whipped Cream

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Just about any  Earl Grey Tea recipe is good and here is another you can try,  Get ready to make Earl Grey Tea Whipped Cream.  Recipe courtesy of Chef Maggie McKeown who appeared on CTV Canada AM. Ingredients: 1 cup of Whipped cream 1 tbsp of granulated sugar 1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract 1 Earl Grey Tea Bag Preparation: Place …

Did You Send Earl Grey A Birthday Card?

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Did you send Earl Grey a birthday card?  Last week, March 13th to be exact, was the 250th birthday of Earl Charles Grey, for whom the tea is named.  Earl Charles Grey served as British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834.   During his term as Prime Minister, slavery was abolished in the British Empire and the Great Reform Act …