Brodies Tea Now Makes Herbal Teas

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With declining sales of black tea in the UK, British Tea companies are increasingly launching herbal teas.  Scottish tea maker Brodies is no different.  Brodies Tea introduced a new range of teas, including Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomile, Peppermint, Green Tea with Japanese Cherry and Red Berry Crush.

Brodies Scottish Breakfast Tea in the Drum

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Why drink that flat Scottish Breakfast Tea?  Try a Scottish Breakfast tea from a company in Scotland.  Brodies Scottish Breakfast Tea is made and produced in Scotland. The tea is a rich and flavorful blend of Assam and Kenyan teas. Still a family business, Brodies Tea has been importing and blending  since 1867.  Brodies started in Leith, Scotland, where tea …

Brodies Tea in the Distinctive Drums

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Our favorite tea packaging is the drums of Brodies Tea.  A lot of people try Brodies for the first time when they visit Scotland.  Brodies produces several outstanding black teas that are strong and full of flavor.   If you drink Scottish Breakfast Tea, then you should try Brodies’ version.  With Brodies, you get authenticity, since the tea is made outside …