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US Exclusive: Bewleys Tea Gift Pack

Exclusively available in the US at, the Bewleys Tea Gift Pack is a great gift for St Patricks Day.   The Gift Pack includes 80 tea bags boxes of Bewleys Dublin Morning, Bewleys Irish Afternoon and Bewleys Irish Breakfast packed in a special box.  In the past, Bewleys would sell this in the US and shopping tv channels but will …

Going to Dublin? Forget About Bewleys on Grafton St

Planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland.  While there, were you thinking about going to Bewleys famous cafe on Grafton St?  Well, you can skip that part of your trip.   You will have to wait until Autumn for a visit. The Irish Times has reported that the Bewleys closed for a major refurbishment.

Happy St Patrick Days from Bewleys

When you make Bewleys Tea on St Patricks Days, try to put the shamrock like this on the drink.

Bewleys Tea in Various Stages

From growing to harvesting to withering to finished product, tea leaves undergo big changes before being put in your tea bag. This picture from Bewleys Tea illustrates this process. Post by Bewleys.

Map of Bewleys Tea from Rwanda

Bewleys gets some of the tea leaves for their products from Rwanda. Here is a map to give you some idea of the country and where some of the Bewleys Teas are grown. Post by Bewleys.

See Where Your Bewleys Teas are Grown

In the image below, you can see an image of the Sowarthe Tea Estate in Rwanda, where some of the tea leaves used in making Bewleys Tea is grown. Day 2! Tea plucking on the Sowarthe Tea Estate, Rwanda. — Bewley’s Ireland (@BewleysIreland) September 23, 2014

Bewleys Teas Win at 2014 Great Taste Awards

Several Bewleys Teas were big winners at the 2014 Great Taste Awards.  Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea, Bewleys Dublin Morning Tea and Bewleys Irish Afternoon Tea were recognized at the Great Taste Awards. In total, Bewleys Tea and Coffee products earned 12 Gold Stars. Bewleys Dublin Morning Tea earned 2 Gold Stars while Bewleys Irish Breakfast Loose Tea earned 1 Gold …

Learn About the Art of Cupping

Do you want to make your own tea? Then, you better become familiar with the art of cupping. Every brand of tea is different.  Each brand blends tea leaves in different ways to produce a specific taste. Cupping is the art of tasting and evaluating the quality of tea leaves to assess the different varieties and qualities of tea.  On …