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Barrys Tea Latest Commercial

Barrys Tea consistently produces the best tea commercials.  Almost all of their commercials are good.  This is the latest commercial, which aired in Ireland in 2015.

See the Barrys Tea Tree

Barrys Tea is one of the most well-known brands in Ireland. Based in Cork, Ireland it is still a family business.  James Barry founded the company in 1901.  Today, the company is run by Tony Barry.  In a recent article from the Irish Independent newspaper, you can learn about those family members who still own parts of the company.  A …

Irish Actress Reveals: Barrys or Lyons?

Irish Actress Saoirse Ronan, who recently appeared in the movie Brooklyn (trailer below) has revealed her favorite Irish Tea.  She was asked by Image Magazine Ireland if she prefers Barrys or Lyons.  She answered Barrys Tea.  But she does not reveal if she prefers Barrys Classic Tea or Barrys Gold Tea.

Christmas Commercial from Barrys Tea

Some of the best commercials from any tea company are done by Barry’s Tea. This is a relatively new Christmas commercial done a few years ago.

Brief Video on Barrys Decaf Tea

If you drink decaf teas, Barrys Decaffeinated Tea is one of the best. In this brief video, Barrys master blender tells about it.

Do You Know This Titan of Irish Tea?

With St. Patricks Day approaching, we want to reach into the vaults of Irish Tea history.  This man was one of the giants of Irish Tea. Do you know this man? It is Anthony Barry, founder of Barrys Tea. Photo courtesy of The Irish Times