How About Strawberry Kiwi Green Tea?

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Although most tea drinkers know it is beneficial to drink green tea, sometime it is hard to do so. Often, plain green tea just will not work.  Now, you can try a unique flavored green tea.  Akbar Strawberry Kiwi Tea is a green tea you will enjoy drinking.

Akbar Blackcurrant Tea: Any Way You Like It

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Recently, started offering Akbar Tea of Sri Lanka.   Although it may be unfamiliar to many in the US, Akbar Tea is a large tea company.  Akbar makes good teas at very reasonable prices.  Recently, we tried their Blackcurrant Tea. For us, Blackcurrant Tea is one of the best flavored teas, but maybe most unappreciated.  Akbar makes two different Blackcurrant …

Akbar Tea is Coming

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Akbar Tea will soon be here. Although Akbar Tea may not be widely known in the US, it is a large tea company that offers good tea at low prices. This video introduces the company. Note: Watch the entire video even though the beginning starts off a bit shaky.