What is inside Lady Gaga’s teacup?

Got to the point of banning alcholic drinks inside her dressing room, the singer switches to a cup and teabag.

Lady Gaga has forgotten the Jameson Whisky and picked up a teacup instead. The head of the world’s “little monsters” became an exclusively PG Tips tea drinker.

The story was confirmed by DJ Lady Starlight last 2012, which was the year she was touring with Lady Gaga.

She said “It’s the best black tea and she makes sure it’s on the list, wherever we play.”

On the other hand the Spokeperson of the PG Tips appreciated the American star’s choice.

“We are delighted Lady Gaga has such impeccable taste,” the spokeswoman said.

Lady Gaga’s tea-drinking habit has inspired not just a Facebook page dedicated to her tea cups. It also created an awe-inspiring graphic design project: “Gaga Tea.”

This was created by graphic design student Natalie Hallman. She was applying to schools in Stockholm. The Gaga Tea Box includes 10 varieties of tea, each with its own caricature of Lady Gaga’s many personas.

Lady Gaga is making tea-drinking cool – while doing the opposite for singing. Tea is not the first thing you think of when you see her.

But the American singer is famous for her love of a reviving cuppa. In 2010, tea companies were fighting to sign her up as a brand ambassador.

As their 11-10 favorite, Paddy Power has installed tea giants Twinings, who are already thought to have made a multi-million-euro offer to Gaga. Next in line to brewing up with the pop princess are Lipton at 5-2, PG Tips 7-2, and Tetley 4-1.

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