In Honor of Blueberry Muffin Day a Review of Blueberry Muffin Tea

Today, July 11th, is National Blueberry Muffin Day.  Almost everyone enjoys blueberry muffins. The people of the state of Minnesota have even made it the official state muffin. As tasty as blueberry muffin can be; does it make a good tea?

Recently, we were given a box of Blueberry Muffin Tea from Bunting Tea of Germany.  It comes in a box of 20 individually wrapped tea bags.  This tea is unavailable in the US, but we were given a box to try.

Bunting Tea is unfamiliar to many in the US, but they are one of the premier tea-making companies in Europe.  The company has been making tea since 1806, which is longer than a lot of English and Irish Tea companies. Bunting makes quite a lot of different teas but is known for its East Friesen Tea and Grungold Tea.

First, this box is entirely in German.   It does not have any English on the box at all.   Although we dont speak or read German, it was simple of translate it by looking the words up online.  Actually, the official title of the tea is Blaubeermuffin.

This is an herbal tea.  Remember, herbal teas do not actually contain any tea leaves.  In this tea, the main ingredients include blueberry, blackberry, apple pieces, hibiscus.

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