Taxes? Have a Titanic Tea on National Titanic Remberance Day

Forget your taxes.  April 15th is lesser known as National Titanic Rememberance Day. Celebrate the Day with a cup of Titanic Tea from Thompsons Family Tea.  It would be appropriate to have a cup of Titanic Tea, since it was made in Belfast, which is were the Titanic ship was built.  The offices for Thompsons Family Tea were located around the corner from where the Titanic was built.

A very special blend of the finest teas grown in Assam, India, and Kenya ensure that this tea will send you back to a very special era. The Assam leaves are picked during the peak quality months and vacuum packed to lock in their flavour. Our Kenyan leaves are sourced solely from East of the Rift Valley, where Kenya’s most prestigious estates are found. Thompson’s Titanic Tea, a truly luxurious blend.

Titanic is an award-winning tea, having won 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards, which is known as the Food Oscars.

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