5 Interesting Scottish Teas to Have on St Andrew Day

Today, November 30th, is St Andrew’s Day.  Known primarily as the patron Saint of Scotland (but he also is the patron saint of Greece, Romania Cyprus, Russia and more), the days is an official holiday in Scotland. Even if you are not in Scotland, here are 5 unique Scottish Teas you should try.

Edinburgh Tea Whisky Tea

Whisky Tea from Edinburgh Tea
Naturally, a tea blended with Scotch is the top tea to try on St Andrew’s Day.  Whisky Tea from Edinburgh Tea is uniquely Scottish.  It is non-alcoholic.  To make this tea, Edinburgh Tea starts with plain, black tea from China.  Then,  the tea is marinated in Scotch.  When you smell the tea, it will be like a fine, single malt whisky.  When you taste the tea, it will  have a hint of smokiness.   Definitely, a tea to try on St. Andrew’s Day.

Brodies Scottish Afternoon Tea

Scottish Afternoon Tea from Brodies
Scottish Breakfast Tea are plentiful, but a Scottish Afternoon Tea is a rare, which is why you should try this tea on St. Andrew’s Day.  Brodies Scottish Afternoon Tea used to called Scottish Teatime, but was re-named.  It is a full-flavored tea that will give you a bit of a kick to help you get through the afternoon.

Punjana Scottish Blend Tea

Scottish Blend Tea from Thompsons Family Tea
Thompsons Family Teas, otherwise known as Punjana, makes this Scottish Blend.  Thompsons makes this tea specifically for Scottish water. Still, it is a great-tasting tea, no matter what your water is like.  Plus, it is a real value and that makes it worth trying on St. Andrew’s Day.  Exclusive US availability at teadog.com.

Try Thistle Tea

Thistle Tea from Edinburgh Tea
Made with an iconic symbol of Scotland, Thistle Tea has a slightly fruity taste.  Edinburgh Tea starts with a plain black tea and add Scottish Thistle blossom.  As the only non-plain black tea on the list, Edinburgh Thistle Tea is worth trying on St. Patricks Day.

scot blend loose v1

Scottish Blend Loose Tea from Unilever
The only loose tea on the list, Scottish Blend may be the world’s most popular Scottish Tea.  Made by Unilever, who also produce PG Tips, Lyons and other teas, this is a favorite across the globe.

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