Its National Frankenstein Day: Mary Shelley and Tea

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Today, is National Frankenstein Day. Is there a connection between tea and Frankenstein?

Did Frankenstein like tea?  Was it in the original story? Sorry to say both answers is NO.

Tea is never mentioned in the book.  The word does not appear anywhere in the story. But, Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein in 1818, was a big tea drinker.  She was married to Percy Bysshe Shelley, arguably the greatest poet of the Romantic period.

Mary and her husband were big tea drinkers. Percy loved tea. A vegetarian, it is suggested he drank large quantities of tea, but without sugar.  Both Percy and Shelly stopped drinking tea when it came to be associated with sugar.  They both participated in the boycott against sugar.

Since they did not use sugar, both switched to green tea. Rumors suggest they drank only the most expensive green tea.

What do you think?

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