Former Politician and Tea Titan Dies

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Peter Barry, a politician and of head of Barry’s Tea has recently died last Friday, August 26th at the age of 88.  In addition to being in the tea business, Barry served as Deputy Prime Minter of Ireland and was the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Barrys Tea began in 1901 by Peter’s grandfather James J Barry in a small shop on Prices Street in Cork. Today the company is run by his son Tony.  The company says it has a 40% market share of the tea market in Ireland.

Peter was a member of the Irish Fine Gael political party, for which he served a variety of roles. He began politics by winning a seat on the Cork council and then became the city’s lord mayor.  Then, he gained a seat in the Irish parliament in 1969. He served in national government by becoming minister for transport and power as well as, in 1976, becoming minster for the environment.  Then, in 1981 he served as minister for foreign affairs.   Peter was an important part of the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985.

Image Courtesy of The Irish Times.

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