Make a Rooibos-Flavored Tropical Tea Punch

Even thought school has started in many places, it is still summer. Capture the last bit of summer with this recipe for Rooibos Tea flavored Tropical Fruit Punch.



750 ml (a little over 3 cups) strong, cold Rooibos tea (use 4 tea bags)
250 ml pineapple juice (just over 1 cup)
1 can (100g) granadilla (passion fruit) pulp
40g sugar (about 1.5 ounces)
Crushed ice
Glacé cherries
Fresh pineapple cubes
Fresh mint, chopped


1. Mix tea, pineapple juice, granadilla pulp, sugar and ice.

2. Decorate with cherries, pineapple cubes and mint

3. Serve chilled (4 glasses)

Serve. Your guests will thank you.

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