Northern Ireland Tea Week: Learn About Nambarrie

Although there are a variety of teas made in Northern Ireland, Nambarrie Tea may be the most well-known.  Nambarrie states the company is the most popular tea in Northern Ireland and the 3rd most popular tea in Scotland.  It is also popular across the globe.

The company began as Pratt & Montgomery in Belfast in 1860.   Nambarrie is Northern Ireland’s oldest tea company.   Today, the company is owned by Twinings and is blended and produced in England.

In 2008, Nambarrie made the controversial decision to close the plant in Belfast where the tea was made and switch production to England.

Nambarrie now manufactures and distributes a range of top quality teas through Northern Ireland and Scotland.   Nambarrie has been a popular tea its introduction more than 60 years ago

Its distinctive red and yellow color combination has received many updates the most recent being the stylish new flip top box launched earlier this year.

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