Try a Refreshing Rooibos Summer Smoothie

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Rooibos Tea is becoming more popular as tea drinkers discover its great taste and health benfits. Caffeine-free, rooibos is a great-tasing herbal tea. Here is a delicious summer smoothie using rooibos.

Before you begin, gather these ingredients.

1 quart (liter) of cold Rooibos Tea
1 quart (liter) of orange juice
1 quart (liter) ginger ale
2 cups soda water
1 lemon, sliced
Fresh mint leaves, chopped (optional)
Crushed ice


First, mix together the rooibos tea and orange juice.  Chill and set aside.  Just before serving, add chilled ginger ale and soda water.  Finally, garnish with lemon slices and mint.  Serve over crushed ice.


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