Rooibos Tea Will Help Your Garden Grow

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How does your garden grow? It may grow better if you use Rooibos Tea.  An herbal tea, Rooibos is grown exclusively in the Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa.

After having a cup of Rooibos, add the tea bag to your garden.  Rooibos increases the nitrogen in soil, which makes the soil more productive.  Also, it will give the worms in your garden some food.

Or, you can open the tea bag and place the contents near the plants in your garden.  This will deter bugs that may damage the plants.  It may also stop weeds from spreading.  South African gardeners also use rooibos mulch, which is generally unavailable in the US.

Read more from garden experts in South Africa detailing many ways rooibos can help your garden.

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