Ringtons Has a Black Tea for Your Taste

With several different varieties of black tea, Ringtons has a tea you will enjoy.

Ringtons Breakfast Blend comes in a box of 100 tea bags.   It is a rich and hearty tea, although usually consumed at breakfast, is perfect any time of day.

Ringtons Kenyan Gold is a rich and luxurious tea that comes in a box of 80 tea bags.  Tea leaves used to make this tea come from Kenya’s Rift Valley, which are often considered to be among the world’s best tea leaves.  

Best-described as an English favorite, Ringtons Traditional Blend uses tea leaves for family tea farms Ringtons has developed relationships with.

If you prefer loose tea, you can try Ringtons Northumbrian Blend Loose, their oldest variety of tea.

Finally, if you need decaffeinated, Ringtons Decaf Tea is  a caffeine-free tea that tastes like real tea.

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