Williamson Tea, Farmers and Growers, Say Dry Weather Lowering Production

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Williamson Tea, one of the very tiny number of tea companies that actually grow, produce and market their own tea, says weather is effecting production of tea.  Kenya is where Williamson grows tea.  Actually, Kenyan Teas are popular with most British and Irish brands.

According to Williamson, tea production has decreased in their tea farms, due to the continuation of dry weather.   Low production is expected to continue into the future because of very low rainfall.

Says Williamson, “As farmers we are use to the ebb and flow of the seasons with their effects on our tea bushes and soils. Dry weather is an annual feature of farming in Kenya and we grow natural wind breaks through the tea fields to reduce windspeed and evapotranspiration, cover the soil with cuttings and reducing pruning of any drought effected areas, all trying to mitigate the stress that dry weather can bring tea bushes.”

Williamson Tea

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