Big Sale on Italian Almond Tea

One of the most unique and interesting flavored black teas is Dimah Italian Almond Tea.  Now, because we have several boxes with a Best By date of Jan 2015, you can get the tea on sale for $1.99, which is less than 10 cents per cup.

Dilmah Italian Almond Tea is best described as a medium-strength.  After trying it, you will definitely taste the almond.  Each cup will be a bit sweet and have a pleasing aroma.  The tea is made from leaves grown at Dilmah’s Dombagastalawa Estate in Sri Lanka.  The tea in blended with Italian Almond flavor to produce its unique taste.  The tea leaves are then packaged in uniqe mesh tea bags that are triangular in shape.  These unique tea bags allow large tea leaves to be used.

dilmah italian almond tea

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