Review: PG Tips Smooth Red Bush and Vanilla

Honestly, I always  think I should be drinking more rooibos tea.  After all, the tea is has a whole host of health benefits and it tastes good.  Many hopitals, particularly Childrens Hospitals give it to their patients to reduce nausea.  But, since I really prefer strong black teas, I never get around to drinking more rooibos.  With the introduction of PG Tips Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla Tea I may be drinking more rooibos. Red Bush is synonymous with rooibos.

This tea is part of the new fruit and herbal tea range introduced by PG Tips.   To make this tea, PG Tips uses authentic South African grown rooibos.  But, it is the addition of the vanilla that makes this tea interesting. With the addition of clean and crisp tasting vanilla, this tea is quite unique. This new PG Tips Tea wont replace my preference for strong black teas,  but it will help me drink more healthy herbal teas.

PG Tips Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla

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