Namosa Tea: What do Tea Drinkers Say About It?

Namosa Tea
Namosa Tea or Golden Namosa Tea as it is sometimes known, is an Irish Tea that is not known to most tea drinkers in the US.    Tea drinkers that have tried it, have this to say (all these comments are from verified tea drinkers that have tried the tea):

Jerome from Baton Rogue, LA says:
Namosa offers lovers of stout Irish tea a great flavor with a mellow profile and lots of depth.

Black Tea from Bainbrige Island, WA says:
I’m a devoted Nambarrie tea drinker and this tea is not as strong but it’s very smooth and is very pleasant.

Glen from Kyle TX says:
The Namosa Tea (IMHO) is the best tea I have tried from  Smooth yet robust.  Less sugar and milk needed.  Thank you for finally stocking this tea.

Health Minded from Naperville, IL says:
This black tea is strong, smooth and delicious.  Each teabag contains a generous amount of tea leaves.  One teabag easily brews a small pot of tea (two mugs).  After my husband tasted the tea, I ordered more right away.

Lynn from Wana, WV says:
This is a good, strong tea without bitterness. To find such a tea in bags is great. So many end up either weak or far too astringent when  brewed beyond weakness.  I recommend this to anyone who likes Assam-type teas, or Irish/Scottish breakfast teas.

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