Try A No.10 Cocktail from London Tea Company

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We are always on the lookout for interesting drinks to make with tea, particularly ones that use Earl Grey Tea  This cocktail, the No. 10, use London Tea Company Earl Grey and make quite a refreshing cocktail.  The No. 10 refers to 10 Downing St, the home of the UK Prime Minister.  Cocktail courtesy of London Tea Company.


2 Cups of London Tea Company Earl Grey Tea (freshly brewed)
1 Lime quarter’d
Splash of orange liqueur
1 tsp sugar
1/2 Orange
Ice (optional)


First, freshly brew earl grey tea bags and allow to cool.   Next, in either a cocktail shaker or a strong heat proof glass add your orange liqueur, 1 tsp of sugar, a squeeze of lime and 1/2 an orange and muddle allowing all of the flavors to infuse. Then, add your cool earl grey and give it a stir.  Next fill a small tumbler with crushed ice (optional), pour your infused cocktail through a strainer over the top and squeeze a handsome amount of orange into your finished drink for extra flavor.  Enjoy.

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