What is Organic About London Tea Company Teas?

Some tea companies say their tea  are organic.   But what does this mean?

All London Tea Company Teas (except Darjeeling) are organic.  All ingredients used in making London Tea Company Teas are 100% organic.  This includes the actual tea leaves as well as the other herbs and spices used to make the tea.  London Tea Company requires that all these ingredients must have certification that provide the items are organic.  London Tea Company Teas are certified organic by the UK’s Soil Association.

More specifically, London Tea requires that all organic ingredients were grown in safe and healthy soil. Plus, the items must not be genetically modified.

Just as important as organic, all London Tea Company Teas are Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral.  Now, your cup of tea can be good for the planet and the workers that grow and pick the tea.

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