Lifeboat Tea Supports Kayaking Adventure

Lifeboat Tea is supporting The Shetland Bus route, which is 2 adventurers who will be kayaking from the Shetland Islands of Scotland to Norway.  The mission is to make people aware of the miltary men who ferried supplies across this route during World War Two.

Patrick Winterton and Olly Hicks will be making the 200 mile route across the North Sea.  It is expected the trip will take about 100 hours.  The men tried but failed to complete this route in 2011 due to extreme cold.  During the trip, the men will carry all their own supplies.   On July 22nd, the men completed the expedition and arrived in Norway.

To follow their adventure, visit their web site Kayaks on the Shetland Bus

View from kayak on the way to Norway.

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