New from Kusmi: World’s First Beauty Beverage Tea

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How about a tea than tastes great, has many health benefits and can help you skin.  Now, you can try the world first beauty beverage tea with Kusmi BB Detox Tea.

Kusmi has improved on its very popular Detox Tea with the launch of the first beauty tea. Kusmi introduces BB Detox Tea.   Kusmi BB Detox can help care for your skin. It detoxes, moisturizes and protects your skin. The green tea and mate in the tea can help remove the toxins in your skin. The rooibos in the tea helps protect your skin. Drinking the tea can help moisturize your skin.

The most prominent flavor of this tea is pamplemousse or french grapefruit. BB Detox blends mate, green tea and rooibos. It adds a hint of grapefruit. This tea is delicious hot or cold.

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