Dilmah Tea Installs Solar Panels-Increases Commitment to Renewable Energy

Dilmah Tea, one of the tea companies we admire most, increased its efforts toward making the planet a little better.  Dilmah installed roof-mounted solar pants on the company’s headquarters in Sri Lanka. This is the biggest installation of self-consumption of solar panels on Sri Lanka.

Installing solar panels is another part of Dilmah’s commitment to environmental protection. These panels will increase the use of renewable energy and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.   PROINSO supplied the solar panels, which was installed by JLanka, one of the Qualified Installers in PROINSO’s International Network.

Dilmah also is committed to the environment and justice through its MJF Charitable Foundation.

Solar panels on Dilmah’s Sri Lanka headquarters.


  1. I was at the factory a few weeks ago (I’m New Zealand based) and I noticed these huge new structures on the roof but didn’t realise what it was till I saw this news pop up last week on a renewable energy website. If you ever visit Sri Lanka (and you definitely should) you can always arrange for a factory visit… it’s fascinating to see how it all happens 🙂

    p.s. I’ve linked to you from my Tea Blogs list at http://www.teablog.co/tea-blogs

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