Which Brand of Tea is Now the Official Tea of English Cricket

A certain prominent brand of tea has signed up to become the official tea of English cricket?  Can you take a guess?

First, if you live in the US, you may be only marginally aware of cricket, but it is a sport played in England and many other countries, including Sri Lanka and India.

This prominent brand of tea is set to become the official tea of English cricket after finalizing a sponsorship deal with the England and Wales Cricket Board which will run until October 2015.

Such a sponsorship is the first for this brand. As part of the agreement, this brand’s tea will be served at all test matches in addition to a variety of promotions and marketing events. Other parts of the agreement include use of social media, advertising and promotion of boxes of tea.

Do you know the brand? Just check below for the answer.

yorkshire te

Yorkshire Tea is the new official sponsor of English cricket.

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